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Massachusetts attorney offering assistance with the Medicaid Application process to ensure your eligibilty

Massachusetts Wills now offers medicaid applicants Attorney assisted Medicaid Applications with Attorney Joseph Bognanno. We are experienced and knowledgable in the Medicad application process and can effectively advocate for you on a cost effective basis. You can SAVE money by navigating the myriad of rules and details if you have the proper information and guidance.

We offer reasonable fee arrangements.

Let us handle communications with Medicaid. We understand the Medicaid application forms and the best way to present them and fill them out. Properly filled out and documented forms avoid costly, time consuming rejection letters and appeals. For most of our clients a fast acceptance brings peace of mind.

Applying for MassHealth can be time consuming and daunting if you have never done it before.

Each question in the application process requires proof by documentation.
We know how to get that done right the first
time.Proper approached to the issues of assets and asset transfers are critical. There are also Medicaid deadlines that must be observed. We also handle MassHealth appeals.

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